Step 1


Download and install the game on your PC or laptop and start playing immediately. You don't need to register to start playing.

Step 2


Register to start hosting games with your family and friends. Click on the 'Register' link at the top right corner of the home page. Once registered, you can set your game defaults to match your preferences.

Step 3

Invite Family and Friends

Login with your username and password. Click 'Invite' button and enter email addresses of your family and friends and click the 'Send' button. They will receive an email with your 'Table ID' required join your table. For enhanced experience, you may also optionally include a link to a video conference call so that everyone can see each other while playing.

Step 4


Click on the icon on your desktop to start the game. Let the fun begin! Optionally, if you are hosting the game, you will have to 'start' the game using your own table-password.